What developers think of Apple’s iOS 13

iOS is getting better and faster with every new version. At the WWDC 2019 the latest update to the iPhone operating system was announced, as well as the introduction of Dark Mode, Apple ID and renovated voice assistant Siri. For a fuller feature list, see the official Apple’s website. Today, it’s time to lift the veil on the technical advancements of iOS 13.

The developer’s view of iOS 13

We asked our in-house experts to share the results of internal tests of the new features and the iOS 13 environment.

Promising SwiftUI

SwiftUI looks promising from several points:

  • Incredibly fast and seems to outpace UIKit.
  • Less code and easy layout. Declare the content and layout for any state of your view. SwiftUI knows when that state changes and updates your view’s rendering to match.

Here is the look of code written using SwiftUI, which displays a list of landmarks with thumbnail, name, ‘favourite’ indicator and right arrow.

Camera Capture

In iOS 13, Apple releases the opportunity to record the output from the front and back cameras into a single movie file by using AVCaptureMultiCamSession. For our development team, this is an option which simplifies native Apple application creation.

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