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Mobile app development guide: Travel Apps

When it comes to planning a trip, travelers rely on their mobiles more than ever. According to Travelport Digital, 80% of travelers used a mobile app to research trips in 2018.

So travel app development is a perspective niche to bring investments in. But if you want to build a big-time travel app, you need to carefully choose the business model, features, and decide on the budget.

In this guide, we’re sorting out travel mobile app development – from how they work to how to make a successful travel app. And how much it’s going to cost you.

Let’s get started.

How Travel Apps Work

Agencies create travel apps for much more than listing hotels and restaurants. Still, providing useful and engaging travel content remains their best lead generation channel.

The content travel companies rely on often includes:

  • travel guides
  • reviews and ratings from travelers
  • exclusive tours

By developing a travel app, companies offer a more convenient tool to search for tickets and check their cost, rent cars, and so on.

Same with accommodation search and booking. With extensive filtering options, reviews system, and other travel app features, users won’t spend tons of time choosing the right place.

Industry giants like Expedia and TripAdvisor allow doing all that from a single app.

Finally, some platforms work with upsales – they make custom propositions to clients, according to their preferences. Like offering specific tours, insurances, and additional services.

How Travel Apps Make Money

Next, we’re finding out what keeps travel apps like Expedia, TripAdvisor, afloat.

There are three revenue models for tourism app development:

  • merchant model (Expedia)
  • commission fees (
  • advertising (TripAdvisor)

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